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Senior Class Presidents

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Meet the presidents

The Senior Class Presidents, advised by the Stanford Alumni Association, represent the voice of the Senior Class and are responsible for creating class affinity and cohesion. They plan class programs and encourage school spirit through their hard work, commitment and creativity.

Juyon Lee 22

Juyon Lee

Juyon is a senior majoring in mathematics and computer science (tentatively -- she changes her mind often about this). Having been born and raised in Palo Alto, she has a deep love for the bay area and Stanford and is so excited to serve as a Senior Class President and give back to a school and community that has shaped her entire life.

Maya Guzdar 22

Maya Guzdar

Maya is a majoring in international relations and minoring in human rights with a focus in East Asia. She is passionate about identifying the essential connections between U.S. domestic and foreign policy. Maya could not be more excited to serve as a Senior Class President during such a pivotal year in returning home and redefining campus culture.

Nidhi Mahale 22

Nidhi Mahale

Nidhi is majoring in Public Policy with a focus in law and the legal system and minoring in International Relations. On campus, you can often find Nidhi chugging cold brew coffee by Coupa Cafe. She is passionate about advocating for inclusion and mental health and loves planning fun events that are accessible to everyone. Nidhi is grateful for the opportunity to serve as a Senior Class President and is excited to work hard to make senior year amazing!

Shreyas Parab 22

Shreyas Parab

Shreyas is majoring in biomedical computation with specific interests in synthetic biology and biosecurity. You can find him juggling or learning how to unicycle around campus. He thoroughly enjoys writing haikus, reading the Wall Street Journal religiously, and dreams of opening a food truck that specializes in waffles. He particularly enjoys building strong communities with an emphasis on including those with unconventional paths like transfer and veteran students. He is humbled and honored to serve the Stanford community this upcoming year.

Class Cabinet

Cat Huang
Ethan Tae
Hannah Berke
Justin Tinker
Maxine Gomez
Maya Shetty
Michelle Zheng
Natalie Longmire-Kulis
Neil Wary
Nicole Pofcher
Noah Matricciani
Ryan Long

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