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The Student Alumni Council (SAC)

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The SAC works to inspire Stanford pride in undergraduate students by fostering lifelong emotional and intellectual connections.

Read on to learn more about the undergraduate initiatives that the SAC supports. For more questions about the SAC, please email us.

Who is SAC

The SAC is an organization supporting alumni and student connections. Made up of students from all class years, the SAC partners with the Stanford Alumni Association to strengthen the bond that current students have with the university, their class, and their alumni family. We work together to provide engaging events and initiatives.

What does SAC do

SAC provides professional, social and service opportunities to current undergraduate students, while also supporting SAA programs and events that build class community and connect students with alumni. From Admit Weekend Alumni Panel to Cheers to Junior Year, these opportunities are available to students throughout their undergrad years.

Applying to SAC

Interested in developing leadership skills, connecting with alumni and meeting new people? Consider applying to be an SAC member. In addition to serving for the duration of their undergrad careers, active members attend regular council meetings and individual committee meetings. Recruitment for new members will resume in the fall so bookmark this page. The application process involves a form and a subsequent interview if invited to follow up. First round deadline is Sunday, November 6, midnight.

Apply to join SAC

Meet our 2022-23 SAC members



Emma Casey, ’25 (she/her)
Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA
"Say yes to the lunch, go to the ice cream social, and stay up for the game night. Friendships often start as small, unplanned interactions."


Ariana Davarpanah, ’23 (she/her)
Hometown: San Mateo, CA
"Look at others with curiosity rather than envy."

Ashley Davidson, ’25 (she/her)
Hometown: Old Greenwich, CT
"Be open to meeting absolutely anyone! Every single person has some unique story or experience you can learn from- you never know where you might find a new friend."

Gheed El Bizri, ’25 (she/her)
Hometown: Beyrouth, Lebanon
"Don’t interrupt people when they are sharing their stories. Practice active listening because you’ll always end up learning something new, about them, yourself, or the world."

Lina Fowler 22

Lina Fowler, ’22 (she/her)
Hometown: Bremerton, WA
"Don't be afraid to reach out to people who inspire you and learn about their journey. Who knows what insights and opportunities it could lead to!"

Jana Abdullah Gomri, ’25 (she/her)
Hometown: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
"Connection is Community, Community is Love."

Sydney Nagy 23

Sydney Nagy, ’23 (she/her)
Hometown: Portland, OR
"Follow through on what YOU are passionate about. You'll find people to connect with pretty much instantly!"

Erick Rocha, ’25 (he/him)
Hometown: Salinas, CA
"Seek those who set your soul ablaze."


Pearl Shing-Roth, ’25 (she/her)
Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA
"Lead with love."

Monica Tavassoli 22

Monica Tavassoli, ’23 (she/her)
Hometown: Santa Ana, CA
"Your vibe attracts your tribe; be yourself, let your personality shine, and your energy will bring the right people into your life!"


Hong Le Xuan (Hong) Vo, ’24 (she/her)
Hometown: Vietnam/ Sacramento, CA 
"Never be afraid to put yourself out there, because humans are very ... human. They are kind, empathetic, and passionate. Just like you. Take a leap of faith towards others, and the other 99 steps will work themselves out."